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Ecological Medicine (or Functional Medicine as it is called in the USA) deals with the impact of modern lifestyle, nutrition, environmental factors (chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, modern farming methods and food processing) and stress on our health. In addition to conventional tests which are available on the NHS (x-ray, blood tests, ultrasound scan, etc.) I use a wide range of innovative tests which give us detailed information about:

. the nutritional status of the body
(e.g. vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants)

. the exposure to and the accumulation of toxic substances in the body
(heavy metals, toxic chemicals)

. chronic infections
(viruses, bacteria, paracites, fungi)

. allergic responses and intolerances
(e.g. foods, inhalents, moulds, chemicals)

. the performance of organs and organ systems
(digestion, vascular screen, energy production, detoxification and elimination)

. detailed hormone studies

(e.g. thyroid, adrenal gland, female and male hormones)

. the effect of environmental toxins, chemicals,
heavy metals on our genes, metabolism, body function

I work with a number of national and international laboratories, which use cutting edge science to help us understand the root causes of illnesses.

. Acumen, Devon, UK
. Biolab Medical Unit London
. Genova Diagnostics
. Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins University, USA
. Micro Trace Minerals - Clinical & Environmental Laboratory
. The Doctors Laboratory

A good overview and details of most of the available tests in Ecological Medicine can be found on Dr. Sarah Myhill's Website.
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